Hi, I’m Sue Greenwood.

Half the week, I work as a senior lecturer in journalism at Staffordshire University, specialising in web-based and entrepreneurial journalism. I teach around 200 380 journalism students each year how to value what they produce and make money from their work and ideas. I also teach small businesses and start-ups how to make the web work for them.

The other half of the week, I try to make a success out of my own news-tech ideas. I’ve mostly been ahead of the field on concepts (first UK UGC news site, first UK print self-publisher site) but not so good at delivery to market. I do this work through my company, Sweeble Ltd.

Right now, I’m working on a pilot linking journalists and writers with people at the end of their life to capture and keep their stories.

I am deeply interested in definitions of success and failure in web and tech businesses and am midway through my PhD research on Facebook.

This website is my attempt to capture some of that by thinking about what succeeds and what doesn’t in tech start-ups and news media (I may wander off topic).

If you have (or had) a web-tech or news-tech business, I’d really love to talk to you about it. Please get in touch.

My LinkedIn profile is // which tells you a bit more about my background in journalism.
My Twitter profile is @SueGreenwood DM me there if that’s easier than emailing me at sue-at-openbook-dot-co-dot-uk



I once ran a cocktail party delivery business – I took product-testing seriously…